Friday, May 15, 2009

Leveling Gap?

So I've hit a leveling gap on Seona. She's sitting at 32, and I'm actually having a hard time finding quests that aren't red or orange. It's not that critical, I guess, but it's still unfortunate. Questing is by far the most efficient way for me to level up and I'm still desperately trying to hit level 40 so that I may finally interview with the members of the Kingship.

Of course, that's not to say that my quest log isn't full of quests. I have quite a few in there that are green. They're for the Stockades, and a few for Gnomeregan. Both of these are very Alliance-centric instances. In fact, I've only seen Stockades once, on Yrovi, on a wool cloth run. I don't know how difficult it is to find a group for these instances at their level, although I'd be willing to go as DPS or as a healer. I imagine it can't take long to do the instances, especially the Stockades. From what I witnessed on Yrovi, it's a short instance.

I'll need to go in with a very empty bag, though, since I have quests to gather up body parts from various inmates (mostly heads) and other items from the Defias inside. As I understand it, little good gear drops in Stocks, which is just one more reason why I think it might be very hard getting a group together to run it. Maybe I'll try this evening anyway. If it's anything like horde-side on my other server, though, I'll have no luck whatsoever.

I have been smart enough to at least have a few "healing" pieces of gear, mostly stuff with lots of Intellect and Spirit and such on it. Nearly all of it comes from quest rewards, but it's not bad. Verigan's Fist is a nice overall Paladin weapon, so I'll probably keep that on.

I feel a little guilty now about completely shelving Yrovi till I hit 40. Maybe I'll log on this weekend and at least run an instance or do some dailies, like maybe for the Argent Tournament, or for Netherwing. I plan to play them 50/50, but is it possible? Will I lose interest in one or the other? I'm hoping not.

I'm hoping that the roleplay aspect of the Kingship will keep me coming back for more and that being level 40 or 50 or 60 won't be an issue, provided I'm active in the various events and roleplay in general. I'll level quickly, I think, because it's all new. I've never played an alliance character this high before, not once, not even when I rolled my first character.

That's right. This self-proclaimed, die-hard Hordie's first character EVER in the World of Warcraft... was Alliance. A Night Elf, no less (No, not a hunter...). Her name isOpalandra, she's on a normal server, and she's a druid. I can't delete her, even though I long ago stopped playing her. The nostalgia is too great to do that. Still, it's sad that she just sits there, gathering dust. I only have so much time for them all, though, so what do I do. It's every altoholic's difficulty: balancig playtime amongst all your toons. Impossible to do, so many of them fall by the wayside, but I'll try anyway.

I may actually have to get a booklet where I log my playtime anyway. I've noticed that I spend far too much time playing and I think it's going to be an issue when I move into my new place. A house requires time and effort, from basic maintenence, like yard work and daily cleaning, to weekend projects (like modernizing the bathroom/kitchens). Bad time-management FTL.

Ah, well, that's for a whole other post on a whole other day.

P.S. It turns out I should have been in Southshore. Thanks to this lovely page on Wowwiki, I've realized that I've ignored Hillsbrad because when I was there 2-3 levels ago, I was too low, thus getting no quests. Now I'm just at the right level, so I should head back there. Who'd have thunk it.

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