Friday, May 15, 2009

Engineering Nerf. Again.

WTF Blizzard? Link to Bornakk's post.

Seriously? This was warranted? This was needed? Another damn nerf to my poor, beaten profession that cost me tons of gold and time to level and you developers feel the need to NERF IT AGAIN?!?!

Damn. I haven't dropped a profession in a long time. I really, really don't want to drop engineering, I don't. But you nerf, and you nerf. This wasn't even something that really affected me, actually, but it's the principle of the thing. I don't arena and I hardly PvP, even on a PvP server. Still, it hurts, Blizz. It really does. The last thing engineering needed was another nerf, especially since you haven't added any information at all regarding any compensation the epic goggles will get now that they don't have stealth detection anymore. One has to presume that the stealth detection used some of the itemization points, so what do we get in return?

If it's nothing... I can't even finish this sentence with anything coherent. I'm so pissed, it's not funny. I can't post on the forums, either, due to some moronic error on Blizzard's part, but trust me, I intend to say something on that thread as well, as soon as I can, provided it doesn't get locked.


Edit: I was thinking, maybe, just maybe, about getting engineering for Seona. For fun and laughs and a good time (and a roflcopter). I'm not now. She's going jewelcrafting (maybe she'll actually be able to purchase a bike sometime in the future, unlike Yrovi who will NEVER be able to afford one of those things, ever). I think the only kind of toon I'll level engineering on ever again will be a hunter for the guns/ammo. That's it.

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