Friday, May 8, 2009

Matron Yrovi and Lakeshire

Matron Yrovi has successfully cared for and led her little orphan friend through countless dangers in the past week, with a final trip into Utgarde Pinnacle to visit one King Ymiron. He's dead now, by the way, and the orphan watched (Oh, anyone else think that an undead warrior is the absolute worst choice for a babysitter, especially for a whole week? I'm a tank for goodness sakes, and took this kid into 4 different battlezones, through a dungeon full of dangerous scourge, and all over the world, from Azeroth, to Outland, to Dalaran, killing (and eating) things all along the way. Poor kid's going to need serious counseling...).

Anyway, yes, got my title and enjoyed Utgarde Pinnacle, although I imagine that it's quite a difficult instance on heroic mode (we ran in regular, since this was my first time). I've also noticed that when I'm unfamiliar with an instance, I get a little flustered and I stop any consistency I might have. I imagine that some of my dps get a little annoyed when they don't know if I'm going to turn a mob or not. I really need to start practicing my tanking, not for skill of executing my abilities, but for how I actually position mobs and how I approach them.

I try to hit casters with my Heroic Throw, since it silences them, forcing them to run to me, rather than stand and cast ugly-looking spells. Less line of sight needed then. I try to pull each time, though sometimes it would be nice to charge in, giving me instant rage. I guess if it's just a group, with no patrol in the area, I'll start doing that. The extra rage would be good for throwing down a thunderclap and shockwave.

I'm also really bad about not tab-targeting, and sundering/shield bashing all the mobs. Usually I just let my thunderclap get their attention, and with rage the way it is, dump excess with cleave, which I have glyphed to hit an extra mob. That usually works just fine, and I can focus on burning down one mob at a time, but sucks for adds. Most dps can burn through mobs pretty fast anyway, though, so maybe it's only an issue if I'm unable to taunt back anything that decides to run off.

Yep, some of the above are signs of a mediocre tank, and I need to get better. In fact, I really need to focus on the above, simply because I do actually want to tank Naxx and raid, and what-have-you, and frankly I'm not good enough, yet. Comes with practice, and I'm not practicing. I know I keep saying that, keep saying I'm going to run heroics, but I just don't get there and do it. Silly of me, I know. Maybe part of it is the responsibility, and the fact that I'm always PuGing. I always feel worse when I make a mistake around total strangers than friends. Weird, right? You'd think I'd feel worse when I know people, but I guess I just hope that we can laugh it off and keep going. The other reason may be my side project, this whole RP thing.

Seona just ding'd 23 this morning, when I was able to squeeze two more quests in before work. She's hanging out in Lakeshore, in the Redridge Mountains, helping the lovely townsfolk there with their orc and gnoll problems. Reading old descriptions of the quests makes me realize just how much easier the game has become since the old vanilla WoW days. Most of the orcs in Redridge used to be elites, did you know? I can't imagine doing these quests alone against elites, even with a paladin, who seems to be able to cut down anything in front of her. She's a freight train, I swear.

If you want to level a toon fast, but don't want a hunter, go Paladin. Self heals, bubble shields, and heavy armor = super fast leveling. The change to Exorcism also means that every mob goes down fast, since it does around 400 damage to a mob. I've blown through 23 levels in just a couple weeks, not playing every day, and usually only playing a few hours at a time, while Roleplaying (read: walking, yes WALKING, when appropriate), especially in Stormwind. Even with all that "time wasted" I'm at 23 and well on my way to 24. I'll be 40 in no time at all. Heck, once I get my mount, I bet I'll be able to get to 40 in the same amount of time it took to get to level 20.

I should also mention that I have rested experience. Rested experience is your best friend when leveling an alt, along with heirloom items, which I can't afford on this server. I'm still waiting for the day when these "Bind on Account" items actually bind to your account, regardless of server or faction. I keep thinking they could do something with to prove you have this item and to only have it on one toon at a time, or something. I don't know. Getting her shoulders with +10% experience would make my life that much easier. Just to level 40. Just so I can finally join a guild to roleplay with. I'm doing everything solo, and it's not nearly as fun, which is probably why I was never able to stick around on any other RP server I rolled on before.

Oh, and speaking of heirloom shoulders: as soon as I get 200 shards, I'm buying these cloth shoulders: Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle. They'll be for Mål, my paladin on Gul'dan. Yes, you read that right, cloth shoulders for my retribution pally. See, if I'm going to drop 200 shards for alt shoulders, they better be usable by every toon I have on that server. Cloth is the only armor type wearable by all toons. These shoulders in particular are great with stats, too. Everybody needs stamina, so that's great. Crit is nice, too, regardless of what you're running. The only thing partially wasted will be spell power, but I'm fine with that. Since Gul'dan is a PvP server, the resilience is even kind of nice to have, you know, for emergencies or occasional battlegrounds. Plus, they were especially kind and made the extra experience gain cover mobs AND quests now. That means 10% faster leveling in my book, and the faster Mål hits 80, the happier I'll be. After him, they'll probably go to Untainted, my rogue, and from there who knows. Maybe by then they'll be able to move cross server/faction. *Crosses fingers*

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