Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving Right Along

Seona Lighstone is already in her 22nd season of training. She's recently been charged with protecting a farmer in Westfall, which she did beautifully, and was offered a very nice reward: the chance at an amazing hammer. It will require daring and bravery and lots of travel, but she's not really one to back down from a challenge.

The blacksmith who will craft this amazing mace for her requires materials that can only be found in distant and dangerous lands, so it will be an interesting process to say the least. It will be quite the badge of competance.

((On an OOC note, I've gotten a message from the recruiter from the Kingship, so things are looking up. Looks like my story was compelling enough/made enough sense and they're ready to talk to me as soon as I hit level 40. Very sweet. I'm looking forward to the interview.))

Yeah, enough RP. lol

Also, I'm working on Yrovi's huge meta achievement. I have two more parts to School of Hard Knocks, plus taking out the king in Utgarde Pinnacle before I get her the Matron title and that second step towards getting that proto-drake of super-fast flight. It's purple, you know, and fast. Faster than your average drake or gryphon. For Hard Knocks I need to assault a flag in Arathi Basin and a tower in Alterac valley. Shouldn't be impossible, although I'm noticing that if you don't get in there and be aggressive, you don't get it. Also, I have to remember to always have that orphan out... I've forgotten once and had to do a bg over again because of it. Still, I managed to get both done last night. I should have plenty of time for the last two. I bought PvP gear, too, for use in any battleground. Maybe it was dumb to do, but I do occasionally enjoy going into the BG's and I love Wintergrasp.

Now that I'm nearly done with Children's Week, I'll have to start looking towards the next holiday: the Midsummer Fire Festival. I participated in this last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it, doing a great many of the quests and such, so I have a leg up. Still, I wasn't able to go to Outlands at all, and surely they've included Northrend in this holiday this year, so there will still be plenty to do. I'm moving right along, and loving every minute of it. :D

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