Saturday, May 16, 2009

Professions on ED

This is more for me, to keep the info in one place, although the links may be useful to others, so whatever. (Damn, I'm still pissed about Engineering's nerf...)

So I have to figure out what I'm going to do about the very sorry state of professions on my ED toons. I only have two toons with crafting professions there, and too many with the same gathering professions. These are my toons, and what I hope to do with them, maybe:

Seona, Dwarf Pally: Main, I want Jewelcrafting for sure in the near future, maybe level 40 or so (currently Mining/Skinning)
Ziir, Human DK: Banking toon, will go Mining/Herbalism, for gold/mats
Berryl, Nelf Hunter: alt, currently just Skinning (possible mat farming toon later)
Leodry, Human Warrior: primary alt, currently Mining/Blacksmith (I'm happy with that)
Loem, Human Rogue: alt, currently Skinning (Jeebus, another Skinner? No ideas here, but hardly play him, so no issue, I guess)
Fandren, Human Priest: altTailor/Enchanter (totally cool with this, but I'll probably need to level him at some point. Ugh.)
Senkka, Gnome warlock: secondary alt, with nothing, yet. (Maybe Herbalism/Alchemy or /Inscription?)

I think that's it. Goodness, I'm a total altoholic (who has a primary and secondary alt? I mean, really...). It's sad when I can see the full list of toons for just one server and realize I'll never get to playing them all. Still, professions are different.
  • Skinning supports Leatherworking; Blacksmithing & Engineering to a lesser degree (and very, very occasionally Tailoring)
  • Mining supports Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, and Engineering
  • Herbalism supports Alchemy and Inscription
  • Nothing supports Tailoring and Enchanting which is why they're so often paired up on a single toon.

I need all of the three gathering professions for support and gold, and some of the crafting professions on each server, seriously. Mining is the big one here, as I have a blacksmith already started as well as plans for a jewelcrafter later. Having my banker cover this is good, and my current toons with it will stockpile some of the ore already. Herbalism is going to be needed because I definitely want a Scribe (for cheaper glyphs and vellums) and Alchemist (for transmutes and cheaper potions/flasks) at some point. I might make Seona go Inscription much later on to pair with Jewelcrafting, as it fits her personality, but that's a stretch. Safer to make a caster a scribe, as it fits much better. I could plan on Senkka going scribe, as she'll even be able to use the various offhands, I think, though these have been changed to be BoE and non-inscription required. *sigh* I think warlocks are meant to go tailoring/enchanting but I've got it on my priest already. Whatever, it's not that dire...

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