Wednesday, July 29, 2009

...And Counting!

Wow, there is some great experience from quests in the plaguelands! After hitting level 53 yesterday morning, I never expected to hit level 54 that evening. If I can keep up a level a day until Outland, I'll be on my way to the other planet by this weekend. I'm fairly certain I have a certain quest chain to thank for my second ding of the day: Mrs. Dalson's Diary. I was on my way to finish up A Plague Upon Thee and noticed the yellow exclamation marks in the dilapidated farmhouse and barn.

After fighting my way through to the upstairs room of the farm house and noticing that it was just a wardrobe that required a key, I made my way over to the barn, killed the scarlet crusaders outside, and the undead inside, and found the book on the floor. Thanks to a quick Lightheaded search, I figured out that the random skeleton I had killed not 5 minutes before was the mob for the quest. The respawn was fast, though, so no problem. This one little quest chain got me over 10,200 experience (especially killing all those mobs with rested experience) and only took me about 8 minutes to do.

On top of that, I did the Plagued Termites quest at the lumber mill which got me another 12,000 experience or so. That's two pretty big chunks of experience in less than 20 minutes. In no time I was ready for more training. I hearthed back to Ironforge (which is truly Lagforge on my little laptop) and got my spells upgraded. I suppose I also got Greater Blessing of Wisdom as well, but I haven't been in a group since VC. That's a long time between instances... I plan to run some stuff in Outlands, though.

With only four levels to go until Outland, I've begun thinking about what I'll do about mounts and upgrading my riding skill. The running theory is that 3.2 will be out next week, so I'll definitely wait for it (I may not even be in Outlands by then... we'll have to see how much more progress I make). While the quest line would be very cool, it's just not cost effective. At all. Period. As far as I know, with the patch, training and mount will only be about 65 gold or so. Compare that to the 300+ gold I'd need for the questline and it makes little sense, even if I can get the questline at level 60 (you can't train the mount until 61). Although for RP, it would be very, very cool to do the quests... *sigh*

Speaking of RP, there was a bit of drama last night. Nothing major, but with a guild as large and prominent in the RP community of ED as the Kingship is, there's bound to be some stuff going down. Turns out that a guild that was/is our ally recently kicked a few members for being overall jerks. These kicked members formed a new guild, on that plans to switch to Horde as soon as faction changes come about (until then, they are RPing as Loa-worshipping Alliance... I have to give them some credit for originality, even if their new name is a little... well...). Of course, being on a PvP server, that's easily and justifiably seen as turning traitor.

Long story short, his majesty King Hinik called an impromptu meeting in Stormwind and we walked down to the lake near Goldshire to show support for those who were standing up for us and to let these rumor-spreading traitors know that we're here and if they want to say something they can say it. Needless to say, nothing crazy happened (aside from the god-awful RP of Goldshire/annoying retards that seem to congregate there) and we went on our merry way afterwards.

Regardless, it was fun. It was also a show of force, as Hinik was able to truthfully tell our ally that the force he came with was one that he was able to call forth in less than 5 minutes. That's the kind of loyalty and obedience we show our King, and for good reason. I gladly drop anything I'm doing to come when called, because that's what you do for your group/for your friends. Plus, it's fun to RP. :D

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