Thursday, July 16, 2009

Poloma: The Spare Time Toon

After talking about the faction switch change and bringing up my old hunter, I decided to log on to Quel'Thalas and check on Poloma. She was still in Winterspring with a quest log full of green quests, some of which were completed, nearly all of which required extensive travel.

Man, I had forgotten how slow Tauren seem to run thanks to their size. It's like watching her wade through molasses, I swear, especially after spending so much time on a dwarf. One of the quest lines she's on is a Hunter-only questline that takes her into Sunken Temple. I probably won't get her in there. Finding a group of old quests is impossible and I've never been in Sunken Temple before. Like, ever. On any toon. So that's probably out.

Really, I think I'll be taking her to Un'Goro and then Silithus. Honestly never really gone that route so it would be new and refreshing. She's still in really bad shape, though. She has no glyphs, some of her gear does indeed still have some strength stats on them (really embarassing, seriously), her mining is only around 110... it hurts my soul, really. At least the gear with strength has agility, too. I guess I had kept a bunch of quest chainmail thinking that armor was more important than having good stats. Obvisouly I've learned the true path, now.

It's interesting, though, to have a way to look back in time to see how I used to play. I've come a long way since I first decided that my tauren hunter would be my main. I like to say that Poloma taught me how to play World of Warcraft. That doesn't mean she taught me how to play a Hunter... but I understood the game through her point of view.

So, she's sitting around level 56, hopefully in my spare time I can get her to level 58, thus outlands, and fix her gear. Quest greens from there are huge upgrades and maybe, just maybe, she'll eventually become worth the $25 fee to transfer her to one of my main servers.

P.S. Her name, "Poloma," is a Choctaw name meaning "bow." Fitting, no? Well, except for the fact that she uses a gun. But that'll change, no doubt, as soon as I get to Outlands. :)

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