Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Midsummer: Flying Around Outlands

I decided to log onto Yrovi for a few quick minutes this morning before work. Turns out she has a great deal less accomplished for Midsummer than I thought. The only achievement she's completed from last year was Honoring the Flames of the Eastern Kingdoms. Frankly, that sucks. I have less than a week to complete the meta or I'll have to wait till this time next year to get the purple proto-drake. That's just unfortunate, to be honest.

She was hanging out with the fel-orcs in Shadowmoon Valley, still in the process of getting that Netherdrake, so I decided to take a quick spin around Outland to take care of that part of the achievement right away. Turns out it's not so bad on an epic flyer. I was able to get Shadowmoon, Terrokar, Nagrand, and Zangarmarsh in about 20 minutes, both honoring and the extinguishing the flames in those zones. I had to stop on my way to blade's edge, but I'll get there again after I do some packing tonight.

That's right, I'm moving into my house this weekend, more specifically Friday. I feel stressed, though, because I haven't packed nearly enough. Well, at least the furniture will be there and the empty house will start feeling like a real home again. 'Till then, though, I'll have to squeeze playtime in when I can. Thankfully Yrovi has plenty of fast mounts to get her where she's going.

Kalimdor and Northrend are still on the list, as well as taking out Ahune and buying all the clothes... which actually means I'll have to do all the flames to have enough blossoms... Plus she needs to steal the fires of the Alliance cities... Oh, man, I thought I had more done than this. I'll really have to hurry up if I want to take care of this meta this year. D:

That's just all kinds of unfortunate.

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