Thursday, July 9, 2009

On Her Way to 50

Seona, my paladin, had been caught in a slight leveling rut since around level 46. Nothing major, but not great. It seemed that I had spent a great deal of time questing through full storylines, completing every quest in a zone before moving on (which makes sense from an RP point-of-view, as you wouldn't really leave an area until you had helped all those who had asked for your aid). It also meant that by the time I arrived in the next zone, I was leveled a bit past the normal starting point.

Stranglethorn Vale, for example, had nearly every quest in green, which meant less experience. Also, I came to the conclusion that I didn't much like the goblins. Or, rather, I should say that I decided Seona wasn't overly fond of them, thus making it difficult to quest for them. Yeah, yeah, dumb, I know, but that's that. I took care of just enough quests to make it to level 48, then decided I should move on.

According to WoWWiki, I guessed that the Blasted Lands would make a nice questing hub for me, as the zone was labeled at being Alliance-favored for levels 45-55 or so. "Nice," I thought, "I'll head there next." Yeah. Not one quest available. The only exclamation point I see is grey, and nothing else is showing up. Super. Glad I wasted my time.

Instead, I looked around at the Eastern Kingdoms map again and realized that I hadn't yet gone to the Burning Steppes. So, after a quick gryphon ride to Lakeshire and a run through some rather dangerous territory, I arrived in the volcanic zone. Well, now, look at that. Lots of people could use my aid here, especially the Thorium Brotherhood. Fair enough, I'll help them out, at least until I hit level 50.

Level 50 = Plaguelands.

Seona is a paladin. As a paladin, it is her solomn, sacred duty to stamp out undeath and the Scourge everywhere. As a paladin, it is in her best interests to make contacts early on with the Argent Dawn (and, thus, the Argent Crusade). And, most importantly, as a paladin, she's freaking overpowered as hell when it comes to fighting the undead, so I should be able to power through the plaguelands in no time to 58, and, in the end, that's all I'm starting to care about, RP server or no.

Pre level 40, I used to painstakingly read every quest before I accepted it, so I knew exactly why I was about to go off and do whatever I was being asked to do. I wanted to know the story, the reasoning, behind everything.

Now I just want level 80, bad. Like, really bad.

It's sad. :'(

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