Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quick Post: Bloody Gauntlet

Just a real quick post for today, as I haven't been playing much due to moving into my house, you know, for realz now.

Last night, Seona joined the Kingship in watching a dueling contest lovingly called "The Bloody Gauntlet." Honestly, there are some great PvPers amongst the citizens of the Kingship, as I was fascinated by the skills portrayed during the duels.

While one on one isn't usually terribly balanced, it was fun to watch. In fact, I'm thoroughly impressed with a certain priest in the guild who was able to make it very far in the competition. I've never seen a discipline priest do things like that before, and it was amazing. The final fight ended up being between a Paladin and a Warlock.

The Warlock used the terrain to his advantage (Fray Island was the setting, if you're interested, right off the coast from Ratchet) and gave it a good go, but in the end, the paladin won.

Congratulations Heimdel! Very well done indeed, surviving all the rounds and coming out on top!

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