Monday, July 13, 2009

Countdown to Outland

Seona is rolling right along, achieving level 52 plus a little extra over the weekend. The only real drawback is that a great deal of that experience came from killing mobs, so her rested experience was depleted. Hopefully with some rest in Ironforge, she'll get that back this week in between me working and dealing with the house.

Getting to 52 just means that I only have seven levels to go until Outlands, which is exciting. All my gear consists of quest rewards, meaning I'm mostly in lower-level greens. I mean, I bought some new shoulders because she was still wearing chainmail ones that a very kind warrior had made for her in Lakeshire. Since level 25 or so! Way too long. Thankfully I got them for a really good deal, only a few gold. I hate to get any really good gear, simply because I know I'll replace it within a few hours of hitting Outlands.

She also finally replaced Verigan's Fist with the Ice Barbed Spear. It was way past time. The best part? I only had to do the battleground one time, and the whole time I was in the harpy cave, attempting the opening quest for the trinket. The rest of the raid sitting at level 59-60 did most of the work for me. Thanks, you guys, for my new polearm!

Otherwise not much to report. I'm a little sad that Seona hasn't stepped foot in an instance since the Deadmines. She got a random whisper yesterday asking to heal something or other, but dinner was on its way, and I wasn't going to start an instance right before dinner. Plus, Sunday nights are Merlin nights, so she politely declined. She did wish them luck, though.

Oh! Speaking of the house and new loot, I got a Roomba as a housewarming gift! I named it Dirti. Yes, named after that Dirti. I think I'll find a picture of the little guy, print it out, and tape it to my vaccum robot. I think it would be cute. And adorably annoying because no one else I know would get the reference.

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