Friday, July 24, 2009

Interwebz Tomorrow!

I'm so freaking excited. AT&T is installing my U-Verse package tomorrow which means I'll have Internet again. :D Good grief, I'm like a crack addict needing my fix... Anyway, I'm ready for it. Going this long without Internet (except for my iPhone, which is no doubt what kept me sane) has been difficult. I'm getting quite a nice package, I think.

For my viewing pleasure, I've chosen U-200. That's 200 channels of cable goodness all for me. Some channels I'm looking forward to include Animal Planet, Cartoon Network (hooray, Adult Swim!!), CNN (hoping it's better than local news...), Comedy Central, Food Network, G4, Spike, and Syfy (why did they change their name? Good grief, it looks dumb now...). I also get some really cool music channels with that, though I doubt it would sound good coming from my crappy TV.

My Internet will be what AT&T calls "Elite," which allows downstream speeds of up to 6 Mbps. Basically they recommend this speed as the minimum for Internet gaming, i.e. WoW, thus I bought this instead of something less expensive. I also get access to all of AT&T's hot spots with this Internet, so I'm excited about that (including Starbucks, not that I go there that often anymore). That's pretty cool, too.

I rounded out my package deal with a home phone, too. I got their "unlimited" minutes plan, which only made sense. What's super cool about the home phone, though, is the Home Manager. This thing is just a really cool gadget. :D I mostly love the fact that it doubles as a digital photo frame. Now, naturally, I had to buy this separately. Thanks to my package deal, though, I got $200 off the price, making this a $100 phone. Reasonable, considering all it does. And yes, I did look at Best Buy and such for a normal land line phone and decided they were all really expensive and totally not worth it for what they did. The Home Manager is pretty sweet, though, so I'm excited to see how it looks when all's said and done.

All in all, tomorrow can't come fast enough. I really hope the AT&T technician arrives relatively early in the day so I can make the most of my new Interwebz.

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