Monday, July 27, 2009

And We're Back, Baby!

Internet? Check.
Updated WoW client on my Laptop? Check.
Authenticator? Check.

Looks like we're back in business. I miss the far better graphics and computing power of the iMac, but I'm not going to take it from my parents, since they bought it for themselves. We thought about working out a deal where I bought them a new computer and took the iMac instead (think inexpensive mac mini in exchange for the year old iMac), but when I checked prices I realized it would just be better to buy myself a new iMac and let them keep theirs.

I did a mass AddOn download (damn if Minion from MMOUI still isn't working for Macs...), and did my best to set up a decent-looking UI in the game using an alt. I'm honestly not overly happy with what I came up with but I won't complain too much. It works for now. Ideally, I'd love an all-in-one UI, like Spartan, but it usually ends up being too restrictive. I'm especially missing the giant 24 in. screen from the iMac as my much smaller MacBook Pro is lacking in screen real estate.

I'm surprised at how many AddOns I use. Even with my long list, though, I don't have a decent unit frame AddOn. I've always simply used the Blizzard ones. Something tells me that's something I'll have to deal with later. I've heard good things about Pitbull, Grid, and X-Perl. They all do the job, they're just all a bit different. I've also heard that you can make Pitbull look like Grid. It takes time to set them all up, though. :/ I don't know anything about this stuff.

Pitbull just looks sexy. It has 3D unit pictures, nice-looking bars and looks like it can be set up in a really clean way. It uses icons and such for a more visual way of communicating. The only thing I'm worried about is that for my laptop, it may be too sexy-looking. The poor thing is about ttwo years old now, maybe a little older, and I doubt it can handle all the processing that Pitbull appears to need. Also, it may have so many options that just setting it up would take me hours.

Grid is clean. It's small, light-weight (it appears that way, at any rate), and efficient. There aren't many bells and whistles, though (at least not at first glance). I also would have to figure out how to read it in a raid setting. I like pictures, icons, things that let me know exactly what the hell is going on without having to think too much. I mean, it's a game, not a chore. The little indicators may not be enough for me. Interpreting it in the middle of a fight may not be easy.

X-Perl looks a great deal like Pitbull, but easier to configure. That probably also means that it is a little less versatile. It has an option panel that appears easy to read and work with, so I can probably set it up in a half hour. I'm not sure, though, if my computer can handle it. It's sexy, but, like Pitbull, I'm worried that there is too much going on.

You know, I shouldn't discount an all-in-one UI just yet. Spartan is still one of the absolute best-looking UI's out there. With a few extra items, I bet I could make it work just fine. Or I could get a few extra things, like CBH Viewport, and set something up that will give me some other spaces to work with. If I ever get this all figured out, I'll post a picture. :D

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