Thursday, July 2, 2009

Midsummer: Alliance Flames

Yrovi finished Outlands this morning for the Midsummer festival and immediately headed back to the old world to extinguish a few more fires. The Alliance fires in the Blasted Lands, Duskwood, and Westfall were soon put out. She then headed into Elwynn forest. She was there, you know? She figured a quick jump into the Alliance city of Stormwind wouldn't be an issue. She just wanted to steal their flame.

Yrovi rode straight through the front gates of the city, past some rather bewildered-looking guards, through the trade district to the canals, and made a beeline for the fire. Thanks to being uncrittable (hooray defense!) she was never dazed or dismounted. That was so easy, she decided to take care of a couple more while she had time.

No mount now, due to being in combat, she ran on foot to the docks and took the boat to Auberdine. The guards were pretty pissed at her at this point, but she just let them hit her a few times. She figured they had some personal issues and just needed an outlet. Once the boat docked in Kalimdor, she hopped over to the Auberdine fire, then back to the docks to take the boat to Teldrassil. Boom, another fire done, and she was able to get back to the boat before it left her on the giant Nelf tree-island.

Back in Auberdine, she boarded the boat to Azuremyst and ran down into the bowels of the Exodar. This early in the morning - aw, hell, anytime really - the Exodar was deserted. Aside from the guards (who were little more than an annoyance, even when about 6 or 7 were beating on her), she didn't see a soul and was able to steal the flame without issue. At this point, she ran out of the city and hearthed to Dalaran. As simple as all that was, she'll hit Ironforge tomorrow morning, probably. All four flames, and they'll be done in less than an hour total, if all goes well.

I love being uncrittable. :D

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