Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Down, Three to Go

Seona hit level 55 this morning. After spending so much time in the plaguelands, I needed a break from all the dead things, so I headed over the ocean to Kalimdor. After landing in Tanaris, I left from Gagetzan and made my way into Un'goro Crater. Let me just say, I really, really hate Un'goro. It seems like all the quests are "Go kill a bunch of stuff for things that, logically, every single kill should have, but never ever does so you have to kill 5 times more things to get all the junk I need, etc."

I suppose the redeeming factor is the single quest hub. Having pretty much all the quests in one place makes it a little easier to deal with the zone. Still, next time I level a character through their 50s, I think I'll focus on Burning Steppes and such. I've heard bad things about Silithus, too, but I've never been there with any of my toons, so I think the newness will make it acceptable.

As I was questing, I noticed that I consumed all my rested experience while in the Crater, which will slow me down a bit. Not too much, I hope, as I really would like to make Outlands by next week, especially if 3.2 hits live then. The only thing I still need to do is level up my mining skill. Right now I'm woefully behind, only just hitting 166. As I'm questing, I see lots of ores that I can't mine because I'm not skilled enough, which is frustrating, not to mention stupid. My professions are for making gold, and right now I have to pass up all that potential profit. Gevlon would be very disappointed.

So the "to do" list stands thus: mining, mining, mining (need to hit 300 before Outlands); quest, quest, quest (three levels still to go); sell, sell, sell (I'm going to need gold for my next riding speeds, as 3.2 comes with cheaper fees, but still substantial for my reroll); and fun, fun, fun (it is just a game, you know!) ;)

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